Systemic Improvement Using Netbooks – Part 1 of 2

Fort Smith Public Schools in Fort Smith, AR, implemented a 1:1 program with netbooks in several junior high and high school classrooms to create a more student-centered and project-based focus.  Spearheaded by the district’s Professional Development Center, emphasis was first placed on changing the pedagogical paradigm. In this first of two parts, professional development director, Dr. Kathleen Cates, discusses the intensive professional development program, teachers share how the netbooks (mini laptops) encourage student engagement, and you will see students learning at their own pace.

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One thought on “Systemic Improvement Using Netbooks – Part 1 of 2”

  1. This is an exciting time in education that demands engagement by its very design and allows teachers and students to connect and interact in new ways, that hold everyone accountable.

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