Students as Technicians (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2: MOUSE Squad – Understanding the Curriculum, Support, and Costs

In this second part, students, teachers, principals, and district technology administrators share the nuts and bolts of the MOUSE Squad program.  Both the after school elementary and the elective-based Middle school  MOUSE Squads share similar online and hands-on curricula as well as providing site-based technology support during and beyond the school day.  Hear about unique partnerships between the district technology and instructional staff at the sites and how the program empowers all involved.

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Also, check out Part 1: Improving School Climate to see how the MOUSE Squad creates a mutual respect between students, teachers, and district staff.

Students as Technicians (Part 1 of 2)

Part 1: Improving School Climate

In this first part of two,  Silicon Valley middle and elementary school MOUSE Squads share how their student technology support programs have motivated and empowered students, teachers, and staff.  You will hear passionate principals, students, and technology directors as they share how the MOUSE Squad helps to leverage resources and increase the communication and relationships amongst the students, curriculum team, and technology staff.

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In part two, students and staff will provide some specific examples of the tasks that are involved and what is needed to create a successful program.

A Collaborative School Embracing Digital Media

Landmark Elementary school in Pajaro Valley Unified School District regularly implements technology.  Principal Jennifer Wildman has a vision of purchasing small amounts of technology year after year with the hopes of becoming a model school for technology integration.   Hear from Jennifer and her staff on how integrating Flip cameras have increased teacher effectiveness by providing teachers with videos of their classrooms which aides in the critical evaluation of each others’ methods.

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