Students Managing Their Own Learning With The Khan Academy

Covington Elementary School in Los Altos School District has been using the Khan Academy to supplement their 5th grade math program since Spring 2011.  This unique opportunity, to pilot the videos, activities, questions, and data area, assists students in setting their own differentiated goals, provides teachers instantaneous data, and creates a collaborative learning environment for all.

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Students as Technicians (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2: MOUSE Squad – Understanding the Curriculum, Support, and Costs

In this second part, students, teachers, principals, and district technology administrators share the nuts and bolts of the MOUSE Squad program.  Both the after school elementary and the elective-based Middle school  MOUSE Squads share similar online and hands-on curricula as well as providing site-based technology support during and beyond the school day.  Hear about unique partnerships between the district technology and instructional staff at the sites and how the program empowers all involved.

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Also, check out Part 1: Improving School Climate to see how the MOUSE Squad creates a mutual respect between students, teachers, and district staff.

Systemic Improvement Using Netbooks – Part 2 of 2

In this final of two parts,  Fort Smith Public School’s stakeholders share how a 1:1 program has impacted hundreds of students and teachers in the district and some of the lessons learned along the journey.  Professional Development Director  Dr. Kathleen Cates shares costs and funding specifics about the initiative.  Also, a principal, teachers, and students share how the program has motivated them to achieve greatness.

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