Don’t Make a Million Dollar Mistake!

Instructional materials purchases are generally the largest annual purchases school districts make. Often, districts have too many products to review and too little time to review them carefully. Research has shown that only 54% of the instructional materials that claim to be 100% aligned actually are. For that reason alone, districts, on average, have half a million dollars worth of unused instructional materials. Does yours? In this webinar, Jackie Lain, president of Learning List, shared effective practices to help districts stretch their instructional materials funds and avoid purchasing materials that ultimately go unused or do not deliver as promised.

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A Collaborative School Embracing Digital Media

Landmark Elementary school in Pajaro Valley Unified School District regularly implements technology.  Principal Jennifer Wildman has a vision of purchasing small amounts of technology year after year with the hopes of becoming a model school for technology integration.   Hear from Jennifer and her staff on how integrating Flip cameras have increased teacher effectiveness by providing teachers with videos of their classrooms which aides in the critical evaluation of each others’ methods.

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Changing Teacher Practices with Interactive Whiteboards

Megan Power is a kindergarten teacher at Del Sur Elementary School in Poway Unified School District.  She says technology has changed the way she teaches and helps her to quickly make data-informed decisions about her instructional design and classroom pace.  Megan demonstrates how she uses an interactive whiteboard and a classroom response system in her kindergarten and  former 1st grade classroom.  You will be amazed how simple these tools are to use.  Megan also shares a variety of strategies you can bring to your teachers.

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