Are Online Courses Harming the Students Who Need Help the Most?

Cartoon of two students showing WiFi signal and large question markA recent New York Times article reported “mounting evidence that the growth of online education is hurting a critical group: the less proficient students who are precisely those most in need of skilled classroom teachers.” At the other end of the learning spectrum, can online learning level the AP playing field for rural kids? Join us as a panel of experienced educators, all members of the TICAL Cadre, tackle these questions and invite you to share your thoughts. Moderated by Michael Simkins. Panelists:

  • Susan Brooks-Young
  • Janice Delagrammatikas
  • Butch Owens
  • Gabe Soumakian
  • John White

References mentioned by panelists:

Recognizing Lies: An introduction to Literacy in the post-truth era

Headdshot of Susan Brooks-Young
Susan Brooks-Young

The spread of misinformation is nothing new, but websites and social media make it far easier to distribute and more difficult to detect. In this webinar Susan Brooks-Young offers an overview of literacy skills today’s educators need, both personally and to help their students become more discriminating consumers of media.

Social and Emotional Learning—Essential Skills for Educators and Students

Tom Lehrer once said, “If people can’t communicate, the least they can do is shut-up!” Would that it were so simple. In today’s global melting pot, it’s more important than ever that adults and students master and employ skills that enable them to succeed beyond academics. The concept of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is not new, but there is growing interest in this framework. Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about the five SEL competencies and technology-supported strategies educators and students can use to develop healthier, more productive learning environments. Presenter: Susan Brooks-Young.