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School Climate Survey -- Analyzing Teaching and Learning, Safety, Relationships, and Institutional Environments- By Youssef Elias and Jason Borgen
Survey three different stakeholder groups, students, teachers, and parents, to access data relating to school climate. You will see where perceptions lie within each stakeholder group and make a plan to improve school climate. The data dissagregates into four areas relating to school climate: teaching and learning, safety, relationships, and institutional environments. These areas correlate to research published by the National School Climate Center.



Lesson Plan Collection Form Using the SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) Model - By Youssef Elias
Collecting lesson plans from teachers can be a tedious task, but it is a great to see how teachers how engaging students, differentiating learning, integrating technology, and implementing a variety of instructional strategies and assessments. This Google Form Template will allow you analyze lesson plans and identify SIOP strategies being implemented and where there may be gaps in instructional practice. It provides a searchable database to quickly search for key strategies as well as providing an anonymous list of lesson plans stripping out the teachers' names to share with staff and the larger school community if you wish.



School Supply Request Form -By Youssef Elias
Do you still have teachers submitting requests for supplies or room scheduling through email or paper forms? How are you keeping track of teachers’ usage? This template is a simple form to send to your staff in which they can enter equipment, supplies such as paper, markers, paper clips, pencils, projector bulbs, cables, etc. and quantities they need. You can then have support staff review the list and send supplies down immediately. You can then keep track on teacher usuage all on one spreadsheet. Also included are room requests so you can work with staff to schedule rooms such multipurpose rooms, library, and more!


Download the PowerPoint Presentation.


Bullying Report Form -By Youssef Elias
Use this template to embed in your website or elsewhere for students to use any device to report acts of bullying. The report sheet provides administrators access to quantitative reports on the types of bullying that has been reporting. Also allows for simple comparison during different time intervals and to quickly search for previous offenders. Great way to have students report bullying in a non-confrontational way.

  • Make an exact copy of this Google Form - Make sure you are logged into Google Docs and the webpage will prompt you to verify you want to copy the survey/document
    • Use the FormEmailer Script to automatically have the data sent to administrators of your choosing. The script is already installed. View the FormEmailer Step-Sheet Tutorial for other set-up instructions.


Learning Management System (LMS) Feedback Survey and Evaluation
As you begin to transition to online or blended learning in your school/district or just want to provide teachers the opportunity to create a paperless learning environment selecting the right LMS can be a daunting task as there are pros and cons for each. Use this survey and evaluation form developed by the Oxnard Union High School District to strategically qualitatively and quantitatively determine the pros and cons of each including teaching and learning functionality as well as layout, ease of use, and ubiquitous access.


SBAC/PARCC Teacher Reflection Survey - By Will Kimbley and Jason Borgen
Use this survey template to quickly obtain feedback once you have completed student testing. You can view the results by simply clicking on the “Form” menu and selecting “Show summary of responses.” The data can be used to assist your site or district’s next steps in preparing staff and students for future assessments.


SBAC/CAASPP Debrief Survey - By Deann Walsh with Support from Rae Fearing, Bruce Duncan, and Lorrie Owens - Online Learning Collaborative Sub Committee (OLCS)
Use these survey templates as another option to access data from the relevant stakeholders including students, teachers/test administrators, and administrators. These templates can be used county/region-wide or just in a district or site. You can view the results by simply clicking on the “Form” menu and selecting “Show summary of responses.” The data can be used to assist your site or district’s next steps in preparing staff and students for future assessments.

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