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...based on a review of relevant research...

By Michael Simkins, Ed.D.

"Based on a review of relevant research" is a frequently occurring phrase in educational literature. Whether you are developing a grant proposal, writing your local school or district plan, or making the case for a new school program, it's often necessary to cite appropriate research—especially when technology is involved.

More broadly, keeping up with research is part of our professional role and is part of the ISTE Standards for Administrators. Standard 3, Excellence in Professional Practice, specifially calls out that we are to "Stay abreast of educational research and emerging trends regarding effective use of technology and encourage evaluation of new technologies for their potential to improve student learning."

TICAL to the rescue! Here on the Portical site, you can quickly find the resources you need. For example, in our Expert Opinion section, you'll find Harvey Barnett's series, Planning for Technology. In these brief, narrated slideshows, Harvey hits the high points of key research of just the kind you'll need. The TICAL resource database has a wide range of references for research articles, models, and descriptions of best practices.

In particular, we invite you to view Research on Educational Technology, a collection of resources TICAL created at Gooru.

Image of Gooru collection, Research on Educational Technology

Need help in knowing how to best critique research studies? Here are two publications that will serve you well:

We hope you find these resources helpful in developing or updating your technology plans. We'd love to have your feedback and suggestions!