On the Cusp of a New Convergence

David Reilly
David Reilly, assistant superintendent,
Sequoia Union High School District

Technology has long promised to usher in a new era of improved learning.  While so far that new era has been an elusive one, perhaps we’re about to get a grip on it.

In this episode, David Reilly describes a new convergence he already sees unfolding his his district.  The key ingredients?  New technology, common core standards, implicit curriculum, and a new, “trans-modern” pedagogy that puts the student center stage and casts the rest of us in supporting roles.

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A Superintendent’s Commitment to Technology Integration

Dr. Susan SilverDr. Susan Silver, a recently retired superintendent from Scotts Valley Unified School District, shares her visionary leadership approach in creating effective technology programs.  TICAL’s digital media advisor Thom Dunks discusses Dr. Silver’s experience, technology planning, and capacity building through in-house professional development.  All of which assisted this low-funded school in effective technology integration.

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A Very Different Kind of School

We all need to band together and advocate “for a very different kind of school, dramatically different from the schools we all attended and from the schools envisioned in most ‘school reform.’”  So says Milton Chen, senior fellow and executive director emeritus of the George Lucas Educational Foundation and author of Education Nation: Six Leading Edges of Innovation in Our Schools.  In this episode of Radio TICAL, Milton talks with Michael Simkins about just what that very different kind of school is.

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