On the Cusp of a New Convergence

David Reilly
David Reilly, assistant superintendent,
Sequoia Union High School District

Technology has long promised to usher in a new era of improved learning.  While so far that new era has been an elusive one, perhaps we’re about to get a grip on it.

In this episode, David Reilly describes a new convergence he already sees unfolding his his district.  The key ingredients?  New technology, common core standards, implicit curriculum, and a new, “trans-modern” pedagogy that puts the student center stage and casts the rest of us in supporting roles.

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Innovation Day

Clock showing “20% time,” the approach to innovation of letting employees spend twenty percent of their work time on projects of their choice, is often associated with Google, but the idea goes back to at least 1948 when 3M began encouraging its employees to spend 15% of their working time on their own projects.  In this episode,
Geoff Belleau talks about Innovation Day, a project at Crystal Middle School that was inspired by the 20% concept.  Geoff is Program Manager for Instructional Technology at Solano County Office of Education in Fairfield, California and recently became a member of the TICAL Cadre.

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Active Agents – Students Owning Their Learning

Chris LehmannScience Leadership Academy (SLA)  is a  progressive one-to-one high school in urban Philadelphia which began as a partnership between the district and the Franklin Institute Science Museum.  The founding principal of the school, Chris Lehmann, shares their inquiry-driven approach to pedagogy and the students’ authoritative practices that led the school in being recognized as one of the most amazing schools in the U.S.


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