Mini Computers for Every Student in the Classroom

Fort Smith Public Schools successfully implemented a one laptop per child program in 18 classrooms from 2nd grade through high school in late 2008.  Arkansas cadre members Harry Dickens, John Calaway, and Jim Yeager speak to George Lieux, an Arkansas cadre member and technology integration specialist at Forth Smith Public Schools about the program including how it was funded, how the district provided professional development, how teachers  have changed the way they teach, and how the program will be expanded in the future.


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You may also want to watch Developing a Learning Community For One Laptop Per Child Implementation, a TICALevision episode with George introducing this program a month after its inception.

Social Networks — A Framework of Tools (Part 2 of 4)

Part 2: Widespread Use of Social Networks In Society
In the second of four interviews, Steve Hargadon explains the various tools used in social networks and how they can be applied in educational settings both for professional development and teaching and learning.  Steve shares how these networks can be used to create meaningful conversations globally.

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