Going Paperless

Gabe Soumakian, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources in Burbank Unified School District spoke with Professor of  Educational Leadership Stephen Kay for a second time regarding how Burbank USD is implementing their district’s 21st century vision by adding  several programs.  Gabe shares the various ways the district is transitioning to a paperless environment for documents, student and personnel records, and surveying.

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Check out their first interview together to hear Gabe share how technology has assisted him as an HR Director.

Get Into the Act of Closing the Achievement Gap

TICAL’s Director Rowland Baker spoke with California State Superintendent Jack O’Connell and Administrator of the CDE’s Middle and High School Improvement Office (MHSIO) Rozlynn Worrall about Taking Center Stage—Act II (TCSII). They highlight this innovative web portal, developed by the MHSIO, that assists educators in lowering dropout rates, closing the achievement gap, and ensuring success for students in the middle grades. TCSII shares current information about best practices and encourages educators to collaborate and assist all of California’s middle grades students.  You can download a transcript of this interview here.

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