A Superintendent’s Commitment to Technology Integration

Dr. Susan SilverDr. Susan Silver, a recently retired superintendent from Scotts Valley Unified School District, shares her visionary leadership approach in creating effective technology programs.  TICAL’s digital media advisor Thom Dunks discusses Dr. Silver’s experience, technology planning, and capacity building through in-house professional development.  All of which assisted this low-funded school in effective technology integration.

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Vicarious Learning: Developing Cultural Literacy Through Global Collaboration

Vicki DavisVicki Davis is the IT Director and technology teacher at Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA.  Also know as the CoolCatTeacher, Vicki is a national spotlight speaker at several education technology conferences.   Vicki was the 2010 TICAL Conference keynote speaker.  TICAL’s Director Rowland Baker got a chance to speak with Vicki in Little Rock, AR.  Vicki shares how several global collaborative projects she helped create (Flat Classroom Project, NetGen Project, Digiteen Project, and Eracism Project) have assisted students in developing cultural literacy and 21st century skills.

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Collaborative Virtual Worlds and Education

Michael Roberts

As the ease-of-use and culture of Web 2.0 social media merge with the 3-D virtual environments we’ve come to associate with computer gaming, exciting new opportunities exist for using collaborative virtual worlds in education.  In this episode, PARC research scientist Michael Roberts offers some examples and suggests these environments might be particularly useful for triggering student interest in science and technology.

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