Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers

Photo of Dr. Randy Schultz
Dr. Randy Schultz

Dr. Randy Schultz is Associate Professor of Teacher Education at California State University, Bakersfield, and a former director of the California Technology Assistance Project. In this episode of Radio TICAL, Randy shares his experiences in teacher education and talks about some of the challenges of preparing teachers to prepare students for a future that is unpredictable.

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Embedding Digital Citizenship into a Comprehensive School System

Dr. Mike RibbleDr. Mike Ribble  has been researching, advocating, and supporting digital citizenship in schools for many years. He Co-authored a book titled Digital Citizenship in Schools with Jason Ohler. In this two-part episode, Dr. Ribble shares the work he has been immersed in all over the country. You will hear about research-based strategies to promote digital citizenship and how some schools are approaching this relevant topic in relation to curriculum, Common Core, and implementation of devices as schools move towards a 1:1 environment.  Part 1 focuses on the elements of digital citizenship and their integration into curricula. Part 2 highlights some promising practices that support all stakeholders of a school environment.

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Universal Design for Learning

Stephen Vaughn
Stephen Vaughn

Stephen Vaughn is Area Director at San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools and a long time TICAL cadre member.  In this episode Steve shares his passion for Universal Design for Learning concepts and his “cautious optimism” for the future of public education in California.


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