Planning for 1:1

Eileen LentoHear Eileen Lento, K-12 education strategist at Intel, talk about some of the critical aspects of the planning process for moving to anytime, anywhere, anyway learning in a ubiquitous, one-to-one computing environment.

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Technology Trends: Past, Present, and Future

In 1995, TICAL cadre member Sandra Miller queried a broad range of experts about how, by 2005, technology was likely to affect the content of the school curriculum and the delivery of instruction to students. These thinkers included policy makers, futurists, and educators. Her analysis of what they had to say formed the basis of Sandra’s doctoral dissertation.

In this interview, Sandra shares three of the most important predictions and reflects on the extent to which each has—or has not—come to pass.

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Learning and Living in an Online World

Internet use has changed. Increasingly, our students are using the Internet for social purposes, not simply to look up information or buy things. School administrators have to worry about more than filtering out inappropriate content; they have to add cyber safety to the course of instruction. In this interview, Susan Brooks-Young offers ideas for how you can meet these challenges without giving up valuable instructional uses of the Internet.

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