A Superintendent’s Commitment to Technology Integration

Dr. Susan SilverDr. Susan Silver, a recently retired superintendent from Scotts Valley Unified School District, shares her visionary leadership approach in creating effective technology programs.  TICAL’s digital media advisor Thom Dunks discusses Dr. Silver’s experience, technology planning, and capacity building through in-house professional development.  All of which assisted this low-funded school in effective technology integration.

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Access, Training, and Support Through a Regional eLearning Program

Kelly SchwirzkeKelly Schwirzke, Instructional Technology coordinator for Region V and an experienced educator in online learning, provides an overview of the unique Ozone project serving Santa Clara, San Benito, Monterey, and Santa Cruz counties.  This project, which has been scaled in other regions of the state,  provides cost-effective online tools and courses for schools and districts across the region.

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The Future of Ubiquitous Computing – Zero Cost Licensing with Open Source

The rise in the mainstream use of open source software in education shows the need for low to no cost software.  California has called upon companies to submit their open source textbooks for review in K-12 schools.  Radio TICAL veteran and the Director of CoSN’s  K-12 Open Technologies Initiative, Steve Hargadon, shares an overview and the benefits of adopting open source software in your schools.

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