Empowering Instruction: Leadership for Mobile Learning (Part 2)

Lucy GrayIn this second part of an interview with Lucy Gray, the project director for the Leadership for Mobile Learning Initiative sponsored by the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN), you will be introduced to the next generation of mobile learning and best practices for implementation including communication to the larger community.

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A Superintendent’s Commitment to Technology Integration

Dr. Susan SilverDr. Susan Silver, a recently retired superintendent from Scotts Valley Unified School District, shares her visionary leadership approach in creating effective technology programs.  TICAL’s digital media advisor Thom Dunks discusses Dr. Silver’s experience, technology planning, and capacity building through in-house professional development.  All of which assisted this low-funded school in effective technology integration.

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Active Agents – Students Owning Their Learning

Chris LehmannScience Leadership Academy (SLA)  is a  progressive one-to-one high school in urban Philadelphia which began as a partnership between the district and the Franklin Institute Science Museum.  The founding principal of the school, Chris Lehmann, shares their inquiry-driven approach to pedagogy and the students’ authoritative practices that led the school in being recognized as one of the most amazing schools in the U.S.


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