EdTechProfile is one of the statewide educational technology services (SETS) funded by the California Department of Education and provided free of charge to California public schools. In this episode, Steve Kay talks with Brian Dunsmore, EdTechProfile’s director, about ways you can use EdTechProfile in your technology planning process.

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Managing Assets and Data

Dan NevilleDan Neville, Technology Specialist with Arizona’s Kyrene School District, shares how his district is using technology for more effective asset and data management. He gives examples that range from wireless devices that improve the accuracy of textbooks and equipment inventories to tools for collecting data from lots of sources in one place for analysis and interpretation.

in 2006, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) named Kyrene School District a “Salute District” in recognition of its focus on technology to promote student achievement.

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Measuring 21st Century Skills

David Saedi“There is a gaping hole in our educational system for measuring those things that lend themselves less to immediate and direct measurement.” So says Certiport President and CEO David Saedi. In this interview with Michael Simkins, David describes a formative assessment tool his company developed for use with employees that might serve as a model for developing similar tools in K-12 education.

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