A Collaborative Principal: In and Out of Program Improvement and a Recipe for Success

Rick Fitzpatrick, principal at Rother Elementary School in Enterprise Elementary School District shares how his school has exited program improvement. He provides specific strategies he uses to facilitate the change process including gathering teacher input on a variety of topics and allotting frequent staff collaboration time.   Rick also highlights his school’s continual analysis of data as well as celebrations that are held in the community.

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One thought on “A Collaborative Principal: In and Out of Program Improvement and a Recipe for Success”

  1. Its not about personalities, but programs and consistent implementation that lead to school success in program improvement.

    The district was indeed in program improvement, and Rother and one other school in the district targeted for the PI process.

    The Rother success story lies in the changes made and their implementation at the school site in a regular and systemic method. The district contribution was substantial, and the site literacy teacher(s) (Two in two years) crucial, as mentioned prominently in the podcast.

    Most important in the improvement? The staff. An amazing, gifted, and talented group of educators who left no stone unturned and continue to do the same thing despite receiving public accolades and richly deserved attention. They are a talented and incredible group of folks.

    My role as site administrator was to listen, and be of service in implementing the process. The steps of block scheduling, frequent and focused collaboration, and constantly looking at data over time are crucial, and will work in any school looking for improvement.

    It works, and does not need a knight in shining armor. Quite frankly, that should never be the role of administrator. I was humbled and honored to be part of the Rother success story and hope that other sites can learn from the model.

    Ultimately, it is up to the site to make the change.

    It can be done!

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