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Educatorsí Website for Information Technology
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, EWIT (Educatorsí Website for Information Technology) provides help with strategic planning, assessment, curriculum development, professional development and evaluation. You may also find the searchable database very helpful when looking for information technology career education. It includes current research, reports, publications, latest innovations and trends. Also included are instructional resources such as curriculum and assessment, standards, implementation tools, integrating academics and information technology.
Technology in Fort Smith
Michael Simkins shares his January 2005 visit to Fort Smith Public Schools in Arkansas where teachers and their students are making some innovative efforts to integrate technology, especially handheld computers, to teach to state standards.
CITEd - Center for Implementing Technology in Education
An excellent all-purpose site, CITEd's focus is on integrating instructional technology to achieve high educational standards for all students, with a special emphasis on assistive technologies, differentiated instruction, and effective uses of technology to support students with disabilities or special needs.
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