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Educating the Net Generation

Whether you call them the Millennials, Generation Y or the Net Generation, those students born from 1982 forward come to school with an "information-age mindset" and a unique set of characteristics that contrasts sharply with previous generations of students. An electronic book, Educating the Net Generation, helps you understand today's students and offers practical suggestions for adapting to them. While many of the examples are drawn from higher education, each has familiar analogues in K-12 schools. You can download the whole book or individual chapters for your own edification or to spark conversation at a faculty or parent meeting.


Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials: Understanding the New Students

Need to get a quick idea of the contrasting learning styles among Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and the Millennials? Check out this nicely written article by Diana Oblinger.


Adapting to the Schoolhouse What Business Already Knows About The Millennials

What have youth marketers learned that can help educators reach youth effectively? Plenty! With particular focus on "tweens"--kids in the early middle school years when marketers believe lifelong attitudes toward brands form--this short, easy-to-read article discusses marketing approaches and how such approaches might be appropriated by educators to increase the chances of reaching educational goals.


Millennials in the Middle

Trying to develop teacher buy in for integrating technology? In this episode of Radio TICAL, Dr. John Lincoln White, TICAL cadre member and principal of Mulholland Middle School in Van Nuys, California describes a multi-year effort to enlist his entire staff to integrate technology to engage his "millennial" students in standards-based learning. And it paid off! Since launching the technology effort in 2001, Mulholland has increased 205 API points.


Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation

Written by Neil Howe and William Strauss, this book is an in-depth examination of the Millennials--the generation born after 1982. Jay Greenlinger recommended it in his Radio TICAL interview on baby boomer superintendents and millennial principals.


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