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Earn While You Learn

A professional development model worth thinking about

Gunn High School science teacher Josh Bloom shares his new digital camera with colleague Darlene Feldstein.

How do you change engrained behavior? How do practicing teachers acquire complex new teaching skills, such as those necessary to take full advantage of new technologies to improve student learning?


Experience tells us it's not through the short, one-shot workshops that are commonplace in education. But what do we do instead? The Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program at the Krause Center for Innovation is an intriguing alternative.


Inspired by the success of the Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project, the Krause Center has developed a professional development model that includes an intensive summer workshop experience, follow up with face-to-face meetings during the school year, online coaching, and cash incentives tied to performance.


Instructor Linda Ullah demonstrates photo editing basics.

July 2006 marks the sixth summer of EWYL's operation at the Krause Center's newly renovated facility on the campus of Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California. For three weeks, 50 Silicon Valley teachers are immersed in the research base and pedagogy of project-based learning, learn to use a suite of multimedia software applications, and develop concrete instructional plans for implementing what they have learned in their classrooms during the following school year.


EWYL teachers return to the Krause Center during the school year for three face-to-face follow up sessions. Content for these sessions is individualized based on each teacher's interests and needs. In addition, Center staff provides on-line coaching via My eCoach®.


Upon completion of the three-week summer institute, teachers are paid $3,000. After documenting that they implemented their new skills in the classroom and fulfilled other requirements, teachers receive an additional $1,000. Financial support for the program comes form individuals, foundations, and corporate and government grants.



EWYL teachers help each other learn photo editing skills.