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Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, LLC

Are you looking for technolgy to use with dyslexic students or similar special needs stuents? Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, LLC is a training and counseling firm dedicated to creating effective technology resource for children and adults by educating all involved in the education process. Included in their website is what we know, how to test, teaching that works, and myths about dyslexia. Under teaching that works you can find recommended technology tools to use with student that are dyslexic.

Cell Phone and Pager Issues

Trying to develop or revise a cell phone policy for your school or district? National School Safety and Security Services presents arguments against allowing or encouraging students to have cell phones and pagers in school.

Center for Digital Education

Here's a comprehensive resource to consult if you are looking for decision-making support in the area of new technologies for 21st century learning. The Center for Digital Education is a national research and advisory institute that provides support services to technology decision makers. The Center offers numerous market intelligence programs that help companies build and maintain successful business-to-education partnerships. They also give help to educators who wish to further develop education-to-education relationships. The site offers some free services and other services for a subscription fee.

Movie Licensing USA

Movie Licensing USA provides one-time and annual Public Performance Site Licenses so that schools (kindergarten through 12th grade) can show movies legally for non-teaching activities. Their long-standing, exclusive licensing agreements with prominent Hollywood movie studios ensure a copyright-compliant, worry-free and liability-free movie experience.

This site is designed to provide the latest information on online plagiarism and help maintain academic integrity in our schools. With Research Resources, teachers have access to suggestions for integrating plagiarism education into lesson plans, tips for creating assignments that discourage plagiarism and encourage original thinking, and help with identifying different types of plagiarism, in particular plagiarism from the Internet.

Premier Assistive Technologies

Looking for assistive technology for persons with disabilities or other special needs to give them access to today's technologically oriented world, perhaps for free? Then look to Premier Assistive Technologies. They have developed a complete suite of products that address reading and information transfer needs for individuals with visual and mobility challenges. And what's more is that they have a grant program for public schools to receive their software free. Just fill out a simple grant application for approval and be on your way to implementing assistive technologies for those with learning disabilities and limited English proficient students (LEP).


SchoolNet is an educational reform company dedicated to building partnerships with school districts to meet technology needs. You will find tailored modules in the areas of accountability, standards based curriculum and assessment. Links are available for parents, administrators and teachers. You can schedule online demonstrations.

Trafford Center for Technology and Learning Disabilities

Trafford Center for Technology and Learning Disabilities (TCTLD) is located at the Frostig Center. This center is a technology center devoted exclusively to persons with learning disabilities. TCTLD focuses on assistive technologies that enable disabled students to meet the challenges they face.


Turnitin is a fee-based online writing resource for educators and students. Students upload writing assignments for various kinds of review, feedback, and evaluation. One intriguing feature of the service is that it seeks to discourage plagiarism by comparing student papers for original content.

Virtual Nerd

Interactive video tutorials, in Math and Science. A easy to understand selection of concepts, explained well, and presented very professionally.
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