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If your teachers need a curriculum resource that helps them teach their students to use the internet safely, responsibility and effectively, then you need to visit CyberSmart! This cybersafety site not only has K-12 student curriculum but also a CyberSmart! tool bar. The tool bar has drop downs such as best web sites, web 2.0 skills, curriculum resources and library resources to name a few. CyberSmart also has 5 on line professional development sessions covering topics such as twenty-first century challenges, manners, bulling and ethics and authentic learning and creativity. This website covers your needs and will help your teachers more effectively teach students how to be CyberSmart!

Facebook for School

This condensed presentation from the TICAL Conference will provide administrators with an overview of the use of Facebook as a powerful social networking tool to connect stakeholders with the vision and mission of your school. In this session participants will learn the importance of using social media to connect with the community, how to do it safely, and see practical examples of Facebook Fan pages from the perspective of a teacher, building level administrator, and superintendent.

Helping teach email/online behaviour early

This is a great quick video about the Maily app where parents can start teaching email/online behavior skills early on. Would be great to work into a training and would love to see examples of this here in the US! Excellent digital citizenship model.

How Mobile Learning Works

There is mobile learning (#mLearning) than the devices. It is a combination of the user (student), the device and the social aspect of learning.

Khan Academy

A Math resource for All. Students, teachers, administrators, and anyone who is in need of Math skills: K -12 through higher Education students will excel with the Khan Academy’s on-line How To videos all about Math, Science, and myriad of other disciplines. The Khan Academy is a not for profit 501(c) (3) with the mission of providing a world-class education to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Created and maintained by Salman Khan, the site includes user-paced exercises-developed as an open source project allowing the Academy to become the free classroom of the world. Also provides data on students' course completion.


A mind map is a diagram used to link words, ideas, concepts, and thoughts around a central theme, key word, or key idea. Mindmeister offers time-challenged administrators a handy, easy to use productivity tool for working alone or in collaborative teams. The strength of this tool lies in the ability to have collaborative thinking sessions in real time. The software stores change history through color-coding, allows access from many sources including mobile devices, and is visually intuitive and clutter free. Mindmeister offers the easy ability to embed URL links, videos, notes, files, images, and icons in all levels of each mind map. Interface features ensure that all users see the same map at the same time. Free trial is available for 30 days. Pricing structure varies by desired features. Low cost for schools.

Online Art Gallery

This website allows visitors to virtually walk through museums around the world. Not only can it enhance classroom instruction, but open the world to students via technology. With this virtual field trip, students can discover hundreds of works of art and this study supports California and national arts standards. The zoom ability is incredible - closer than you could get if standing in front of much of this artwork. Art Gallery is supported by Google.

Premier Assistive Technologies

Looking for assistive technology for persons with disabilities or other special needs to give them access to today's technologically oriented world, perhaps for free? Then look to Premier Assistive Technologies. They have developed a complete suite of products that address reading and information transfer needs for individuals with visual and mobility challenges. And what's more is that they have a grant program for public schools to receive their software free. Just fill out a simple grant application for approval and be on your way to implementing assistive technologies for those with learning disabilities and limited English proficient students (LEP).


This is an easy to use school and teacher website developer system that also functions as an effective learning management system. It includes a secure social media environment for teacher, students and parents to work together and communicate.


SchoolNet is an educational reform company dedicated to building partnerships with school districts to meet technology needs. You will find tailored modules in the areas of accountability, standards based curriculum and assessment. Links are available for parents, administrators and teachers. You can schedule online demonstrations.
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