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A Research Definition of Bullying

Dan Olweus, a researcher from Norway and reknowned expert in the field of bullying offers a clear definition of what does, and does not, constitute bullying. The four criteria included in his definition are very helpful to educators who are trying to determine when bullying is taking place.

Acceptable Use Policies

One in a series of brief, narrated slide presentations by Harvey Barnett, Senior Research Associate at WestEd. This presentation is 9 minutes long and focuses on why your school needs an acceptable use policy (AUP) and what it should contain. A printable version is also available.

ACSA-PARC Intern Blog

Teams of California Administrators have had the opportunity to participate as Interns at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) for several years. PARC is world-famous for their high levels of collaboration, innovations, and technology inventions. This blog was developed to capture reflections and implications of the Intern experience. School leaders can download presentations that would be useful for personal and professional development. Check it out!

ASCD Whole Child

The Association of Curriculum an Development (ASCD) calls on parents, educators, policymakers, and communities to join forces to ensure our children become productive, engaged citizens of the 21st century. This website contains resources to help promote the whole child. Resources include podcasts, research articles, videos and a school rating instrument.

California Code of Regulations

Have a question about just what California law is on some point? This site from West provides free access to an unannotated version of the California Code of Regulations. You can search specific regulatory section, words, or CCR titles.

Center for Applied Special Technology

The Center for Applied Special Technology, CAST is a non-profit organization whose mission is to expand educational opportunities for individuals with disabilities through the development and innovative uses of technology. Based upon Universal Design Learning (UDL), this site provides models, research-based articles and white papers, as well as other information about making curriculum available to all students.

Coaching, Educational Technology

A Pinterest Mash up of Coaching Educational Technology in K-12 settings. It provides an avenue to pursue for the novice to the advanced technology teacher, director, coach or superintendent. Outstanding resource for tech teaching, learning, integration.

Creating and Connecting: Research and Guidelines on Online Social and Educational Networking

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) put together this 12-page study discussing social networks. NSBA highlights the positives, the gaps, the expectations and interests, and the guidance and recommendations for school board members relating to social networking.

Crossing the Line: What Counts as Online Harassment?

What specific behaviors constitute online harassment? This January 2018 Pew Research Center study investigates public opinion about this question. To do so, the research center presented participants with a single vignette describing a situation that involved an escalating online dispute surrounding a controversial political issue. Participants were then asked to describe what parts of each vignette if any, they considered to be online harassment. The survey examines three different vignettes in total, including scenarios that involve sexism and racism. The study and the vignettes could be useful discussion starters for a staff meeting focused on this topic.

Cyber Safety for Children

The Department of Consumer Affairs and the California Coalition for Childrenís Internet Safety have partnered to bring this web site to California Citizens, especially parents. The nature of this web site is dynamic and offers ongoing information. The Coalition also sponsors an annual summit on cyber safety. This site is California friendly! It is also supported by the Governorís office.
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