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Differentation Daily

Blog by educator, Paula Kluth, created with daily posts on specific strategies for differentiation.


Use bookmarks to save favorite sites in your web browser? Diigo allows round-the-clock access to your bookmarks from any Internet-connected computer. In addition, users are able to share bookmarks with individuals and groups, highlight parts of web pages, and add sticky notes for personal or group use.

Distance Learning Project @ Teachers College Columbia University

This project is a valuable resource for educational leaders to sustain professional development of teachers. The Distance Learning Project is an integrated approach to research, design, implementation, and evaluation. Emphasis is on the creation and support of powerful and engaging learner communities.

Document Camera Experts

Is your school or district in the market for document cameras for meeting rooms and/or classrooms? Document Camera Experts USA is the number one supplier for document cameras, digital presenters and visualizers in the United States of America. Document Camera Experts USA has over 20 years of worldwide audio visual industry experience and are one of the first companies in the world to recognize the importance visualizers and document cameras for consumer applications. Document Camera Experts USA has been selling document camera since they were first invented! You can find information including the different types of cameras, tips when buying cameras, and other useful resources to help you make a decision.

Don't Make a Million Dollar Mistake

Instructional materials purchases are generally the largest annual purchases school districts make. Often, districts have too many products to review and too little time to review them carefully. Research has shown that only 54% of the instructional materials that claim to be 100% aligned actually are. For that reason alone, districts, on average, have half a million dollars worth of unused instructional materials. Does yours? In this webinar, Jackie Lain, president of Learning List, shared effective practices to help districts stretch their instructional materials funds and avoid purchasing materials that ultimately go unused or do not deliver as promised.


Doodle helps you find suitable dates and times for group events such as conference calls, committee meetings, etc. Doodle is particularly easy to use. Doodle can also be used for quick, simple polls and questionnaires.

Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

If you have not read Drive by Daniel Pink, this animated excerpt from one of his talks will give you a nice introduction. Ideas from the book inspired the Innovation Day Geoff Belleau talked about here on Radio TICAL.


DropSend is one free, effective, and easy-to-use service that can help you share large video, image, audio, or other files without hitting the usual boundaries of internet sharing. Simply select "Send Your File" from the homepage, then enter an email address for the sender and the receiver, select a file, and send the file.

e-learning 2.0- how Web technologies are shaping education

Written by Steve O'Hear, this two-part blog article provides an overview of a variety of Web 2.0 tools. O'Hear also includes many examples of educator use of these tools.

E-mail Protocol and E-mail Etiquette for Effective Communication

In this presentation cadre member Gabe Soumakian focuses on e-mail protocol and etiquette to improve effective communication. He shares proper ways to send group e-mails, manage your e-mails, and how to identify spam.