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Making Machines that Can Learn

In this Radio TICAL episode, hear about fascinating work being done to design machines that “learn” and what educators might learn about learning from the process.

Online Public Shaming and Education

Join Susan Brooks-Young in this recorded webinar as she explores the growing online trend of online public shaming. Susan discusses how educators and students can deal with online public shaming as a target or potential victim, as well as how to avoid being a perpetrator. In addition, she explores strategies you can use to help protect yourself, colleagues, students, and others. An excellent digital citizenship resource.

ON[the]LINE Webinar: Privacy, The Cloud and Public Education: What Must You Do?

Leading Digitally Admin 2.0 webinar, by Gretchen Shipley and Mark Williams, co-chairs of the eMatters Practice Group at Fagen Friedman & Fulfros. As districts adopt cloud-computing services to achieve their educational objectives and maximize new technologies, they transfer increasing quantities of student information to third-party providers, and often without requiring basic privacy protections. As a result, school districts may fall short of federal privacy standards and of community expectations for children’s privacy. Hear from legal and policy experts the steps that can be taken to help ensure strong data security measures are in place to protect student and employee privacy and proper limitations are set to prevent commercial data mining.

On[the]line: The California 21st Century School District initiative

CA 21st century district initiative brings together resources for all CA districts relating to a new approach to technology policies including social media, 1:1, BYOD, and more. Changing the focus of polices from technology to the behaviors of students and staff is at the core of the initiative.

Parents' Guide to Student Success

The Parents' Guide to Student Success (provided in English and Spanish) was developed in response to the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics. The guide includes key items that students be learning in each grade, activities the parents can do from home, methods for helping parents build stronger relationships with teachers and tips for planning for college and high school. Great guide to provide to your community.

Personalized Professional Development: At the Center of Your Own Learning

Read about ways educators are using technology to personalize their own professional growth, using a variety of social media tools, ed-camps, and other strategies.

Podcasting in Education

In this episode of Radio TICAL, Arkansas cadre member Belinda Kittrell interviews fellow cadre members Tommy Tyler and Karen Eoff. Tommy talks about how Monticello School District is experimenting with podcasting to help meet the learning needs of more students. Karen describes Southeast Arkansas Education Service Cooperative’s TechCamps.

Popular Education Hashtags on Twitter

This list, compiled by November Learning, provides an easy follow list of Twitter hashtags you can use to access on-demand resources relating to topics of interest. This list can also be used to share with staff members as you focus on informal professional development.

Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations

The work of the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations (QISA) is the inspiration for the implicit curriculum David Reilly discusses in his Radio TICAL interview (January 2014) on technology's role in the convergence of common core, implicit curriculum, and trans-modernist pedagogy. One of the QISA products, the My Aspirations Action Plan, is a technology based student portfolio that includes "progressive gaming" and interactive elements.

Quick Take: Real Simple Syndication (RSS)

This 7-minute Quick Take by Derry Lyons provides a brief overview of a Web 2.0 tool known as RSS. Derry explains what RSS is and how you can use it.
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