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On[the]line: The California 21st Century School District initiative

CA 21st century district initiative brings together resources for all CA districts relating to a new approach to technology policies including social media, 1:1, BYOD, and more. Changing the focus of polices from technology to the behaviors of students and staff is at the core of the initiative.

Quick Talks by Peter Senge

The Society for Organizational Learning Website has developed a series of short, thought-provoking talks by Peter Senge. Each one provides a glimpse into Peter's current thinking on some of today's most pressing organizational issues and offers refreshing perspectives for exploration. You will enjoy them for your own edification and may find them useful to use with your staff. Three of the titles are available free of charge in MP3 format: Impact of Globalization (5 minutes); Organizational Culture and Learning (5 minutes); Transformational Change (3 minutes).

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms - Sir Ken

This is not only an excellent visionary and insightful 11 minute talk by Sir Ken Robinson on the educational climate and political arena, but it also demonstrates the power of step-animation in illustrating a point and accompanying audio. RSA Animate has taken this talk and animated it to help the listener to better understand the content. An excellent use of your eleven minutes of time.

School Administrator Cybersafety Resources

CTAP Region IV has designed this collection of Administrator Resources specifically to address the needs of school administrators, based on the most current information available relating to cyber safety, cyber bullying, Internet misuse, and more.

TEAMS Distance Learning

TEAMS has achieved national recognition by combining standards-based instruction for students with exemplary staff development opportunities for participating teachers. The TEAMS Distance Learning model, with its capacity to reach thousands of educators quickly, has proven to be an effective staff development tool for addressing the critical issues of classroom teacher preparedness.

TECH Corps California

Tech Corps California is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building partnerships between California K-12 schools and communities to help accelerate the pace at which schools meet their education goals. The organization will help districts establish volunteer programs, match volunteers to school needs and provide training materials.

Technology is...

Just what is technology? How would you define it? See several definitions. Add your own definition.

The Dana Foundation serves as a gateway to brain information you can rely on. Visit the BrainWeb section to find general information about the brain and current brain research, as well as links to validated sites related to more than 25 brain disorders. Brainy Kids Online offers children, teens, parents and teachers links to games, labs, excellent education resources and lesson plans. Brain Resources for Seniors provides older adults and their caretakers with links to sites related to brain health, education and general information. The Arts Education pages support the training of in-school arts specialists.

WWW 4Teachers

This website is designed to provide K-12 teachers with the opportunity to learn more about the role of technology in education. Sections include: Teacher Testimony, true stories of trials and triumphs with technology in the classroom; KidsSpeak, in which students share their experiences using technology; and Feature Teachers, which is about educators breaking new ground on the electronic frontier.
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