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iPad Resources for Administrators

This website has both articles and iPad apps (applications) for the administrator, but not too many that it is overwhelming. The site provides a breif descriptions so it easy to navigate. Read the reviews and download apps through iTunes.

iPod in Education: The Potential for Teaching and Learning

How and why might educators use iPods as tools for learning? This white paper describes various ways iPods may be used in and out of the classroom by students as well as teachers. Many examples are provided. The emphasis of this Apple-sponsored report is iPod’s ability to differentiate learning for all types of students and promote independent learning via a cost-effective, handheld device.

iPod Touch & iPad Resources

These resources, compiled and organized by Susan Brooks-Young and Chris O'Neal, provide educators with an abundance of resources from application (app) reviews to general discussions on using iPods, iPads, and iPhones in education. The site is organized by content area and include use of the devices in each area.


IVCi is a provider of video conferencing services, audio visual systems, IP network services, streaming video solutions and audio conferencing services.

Jane McGonigal’s Website

Internationally known author and speaker, Jane McGonical believes that games can boost people’s resilience, support post-traumatic growth, and even extend life expectancy. This site is a great resource for anyone interested in using games in education.


Jing is a free (as of 2008) online resource that captures images and video--whatever is happening on your computer screen--and publishes it for you on the Internet. If you or your students have a need to produce multimedia projects for others to watch, you'll want to take a look at Jing. The introductory video is worth watching, even though it takes a bit of time to download. (And you may want to let it fully download before you start to watch to avoid interruptions.)

K-12 Open Technologies A CoSN Leadership Initiative

The initiative is sponsored by IBM, Cisco, Pearson Education, and SAS to support the adoption and utilization of open technologies in K-12 education around the world. The goal of this Web site is to help educators and technologists with the planning, evaluation, decision-making, and implementation processes associated with adopting Open Technologies in K-12. Initially, the site will focus on the fundamentals of the open technologies movement in education.

Khan Academy

A Math resource for All. Students, teachers, administrators, and anyone who is in need of Math skills: K -12 through higher Education students will excel with the Khan Academy’s on-line How To videos all about Math, Science, and myriad of other disciplines. The Khan Academy is a not for profit 501(c) (3) with the mission of providing a world-class education to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Created and maintained by Salman Khan, the site includes user-paced exercises-developed as an open source project allowing the Academy to become the free classroom of the world. Also provides data on students' course completion.

KinderKorner Listserv

A free subscription service to a Yahoo groups listserv, KinderKorner users must subscribe to the free service --- Beginning and experienced teachers would benefit from this service frequented by thousands of K-2 educators. The subscriber can post a question, a response, or just read questions and responses posted by others. A digest is available and is an efficient way to catch up on recent postings.

Law Hacks

We love to make jokes about lawyers, but as professionals they face many of the same challenges we do as school administrators. Time management is one of them. Though written for lawyers, this lively article offers “101 tips, tricks and tools to make you a more productive less-stressed out lawyer.” From managing e-mail to finding your stolen laptop, there’s hardly a one of the 101 that wouldn’t help one of us non-lawyer types!