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Google Docs

Google Docs (formerly Writely)is an online word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation tool that allows you to share and collaborate on files in real time. You may upload existing documents or create new ones right in Google Docs. You can even create surveys using Google Forms which records data in a spreadsheet. Invite colleagues to view and edit the documents. You can make changes simultaneously! When finished, download the documents as Word, Excel or pdf files or print directly from Google Docs and Spreadsheets. This is an an excellent tool for working on school plans, grant proposals, and other documents requiring input from multiple authors.

Google Docs in Plain English video

Want a quick lowdown on the premise of Google Docs? Check out this short video created by the folks at Commoncraft and posted on You Tube. In just a few minutes, you'll understand and be able to explain the purpose of this application.

Google FormEmailer Script Step Sheet and Tutorial

This document will walk you through how to Use the FormEmailer Script with Google Forms for Automatic emailing of data. Whether you use Google Forms for classroom walkthroughs, event registrations, parent surveys, lesson plan collection, etc. you can have the data automatically formatted in an email to the respondent and any other stakeholders of your choosing with the script.

Google Forms Template: Classroom Referral, Dean's Office, and Behavior Intervention Form

Use this Google form template from any computer or PDA with Internet connectivity by sharing the URL with your teachers. No more paper referrals for students to take with them to the office. Once a teacher completes the form online, office staff will have access to the behavior. Or, clerical staff can enter data from the paper onto the digital form. This form provides an easy way to search for students, teachers who submitted referrals, and quick access to common misbehaviors. Detailed tutorial provided.

Google Forms Template: Classroom Walkthrough and Observation Form

Courtesy of Kern Kelly and Fred Johnston,use this Google Form from any computer or PDA with Internet connectivity to evaluate teachers' lessons, pedagogy, and classroom climate. Feel free to modify to fit your district's standards. All data will be recorded in a Google Spreadsheet and a second sheet has been created to quickly printout the results for the teachers and your records. Simply use the "hide column(s)" function in Excel to only show the specific teacher you want a printout for.

Google Presenter

One of the applications in the online Google Docs suite, Google Presenter allows users to upload existing PowerPoint files or create and share new presentations. An especially nice feature is the ability to invite collaborators who are able to view and edit the presentations as well. Registration is free.

Google Sites

Wikipedia defines Google Sites as �...a structured�wiki- and�web page-creation tool offered by�Google�as part of the�Google Apps�Productivity suite. The goal of Google Sites is for anyone to be able to create a team-oriented site where multiple people can collaborate and share files.� This free, easy-to-use tool can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks in education including ePortfolios, showcases, ePublications, and more. The link here leads to the Google Sites main page.

Googling to the Max: Hands-on Exercises

Wondering how Google "thinks?" This guide--part of a UC Berkeley online tutorial--explains the logic behind the Google search tool and provides examples for many Google search features.

Guided Reading Program

Scholastic has produced a very well organized set of materials and products that teachers can use to deliver small group targeted instruction in reading. The texts for students are high interest and sequenced into levels of increasing sophistication. There are many links to professional development resources.

High School Diploma Student Course Plan

This Excel template is designed as a keep track sheet for students in alternative high school diploma programs. These programs include Adult Education, Continuation, Independent Study, and home schooling.