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Computer Using Educators (CUE)

Computer-Using Educators, Inc. is a non-profit California corporation founded in 1978. It's goal is to promote and develop instructional uses of technology in all disciplines and at all educational levels from preschool through college. If you live in California and can only attend one conference a year, you can't beat CUE's annual conference in Palm Springs.

Cool Cat Teacher Blog

This blog provides educators great resources, ideas, and inspiration. Created by Vicki Davis, a teacher an IT director Georgia, Vicki shares her passion for helping students learn through project-based learning.

Creating Innovators Discussion

We all recognize the need for innovation in education, but how do you create innovators to do the innovating? The ISTE Administrators Network chose Creating Innovators for its 2016 book study. The culmination was a Q & A with Tony Wager, the book’s author. Unfortunately, Tony lost his internet connection shortly after joining the discussion, but the participants continued to discuss their reactions to the book and the various thoughts it provoked.

Creative Commons

Tired of trying to dissect the legal challenges of using copyrighted works in multimedia educational materials? Creative Commons provides links to free creative works for teachers and students interested in using multimedia to enhance instruction. Founded by the Center for Public Domain in 2001, Creative Commons is a non-profit organization working to make it easier for copyright holders to share their work by dedicating it to the public domain.

CUE Administrators Special Interest Group (AdminSIG)

Formed in 1993, the purpose of CUE's AdminSIG is to provide a network for school leaders who believe in the value of instructional technology to improve education. CUE members may choose to join this group and build a relationship with other "computer-using administrators."

Digital Promise

Launched in September 2011, Digital Promise, also known as the National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies, is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the use of digital technologies to advance all levels of formal and informal education. Plans include funding pilot projects and program evaluations as well as developing a “league of innovative schools.” Digital Promise receives funding from a variety of sources including the federal government and private corporations.

Eco Company - Food What?

This Eco Company video highlights a "green careers" program in Santa Cruz County and lessons on organic farming. This program made possible between a partnership of Career Technical Education and Alternative Education. Eco Company is a national, online TV show hosted by teen who combine their natural curiosity with their enthusiasm to preserve the planet. Every Week Eco Company explores all aspects of being green from reporting on the latest technologies in energy, recycling, conservation and organics. A practical tip is provided every week. Teens are encouraged to upload their own video as well!

Education Daily

Education Daily is a subscription-based reference center for education professionals. Education Daily provides proven strategies to manage your schools and maximize learning, and updates you on the latest education news. Resources and information are organized by specific role and/or criteria such as Superintendents, Principals, Leadership, NCLB/Title 1, Finance, Grants, Curriculum, Athletics, and Special Education. Sample forms and templates are also included.

EETT Spotlight: Project iLETTS

How do California schools use their funds from the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant? In this CDE spotlight,a professional development project promotes teacher use of technology which resulted in a significant increase in API score.

Equity and Literacy with Free Electronic Textbooks

In this Radio TICAL Episode Rowland Baker speaks to California's Secretary of Education Dr. Glen Thomas about California's electronic textbook (ebook) initiative. Dr. Thomas provides an overview of the program and where to find more information.
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