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Funding Factory Recycling Program

Are you looking for ways to stretch your technology budget? Take a look at the FundingFactory Recycling Program. This program allows you to recycle empty computer inkjet and laser cartridges and old cell phones, turning this trash into equipment or cash. This free, all-inclusive fund raising alternative does not involve selling. What a great way to teach recycling to students and reap benefits for the school at the same time!

Funding Opportunities

The Funding Opportunities page of the California Department of Education web site lists all current funding sources available to schools with availability and due dates. On this page you may also sign up for automatic E-mail notification of new and updated funding information.

Funds Net Services

Are you looking for links for fund raising, grant opportunities, how to write a grant and much more? Check this site. It has sixteen active channels to search for grants including technology and school grants.

Grant Wrangler: A Grant Index for Teachers

Grant Wrangler™ is a free grants listing service provided by Nimble Press. This site makes it easier for teachers, librarians, and parents to find funding, including grants and awards for arts, history, mathematics, science, technology, and more.

School Services of California

School Services Provides a variety of services to school primarily in the finance area. They also provide support for legislative efforts. They produce a daily report on the State level activities specifically related to education.

Technology Funding Sources for Schools

Looking for technology funding? This page offers a few key links to help you know what technology dollars are available from government, foundation, and corporate sources.
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