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7 Habits of Highly Effective Tech-leading Principals

The conventional wisdom in education is that any school reform--be it curriculum, instruction, assessment, or teacher professionalism--is most likely to take hold in schools that have strong leadership. The same holds true for technology. Any educator will tell you the most successful implementation of technology programs takes place in schools where the principal sees him or herself as a technology leader.

Implementing Online Assessments

This site is part of, an online community of practice created by SETDA to help states and districts prepare for online assessments. Whether your school or districts preparing for PARCC or Smarter Balanced assessments, this site provides case studies, expertise in infrastructure, determining needs, communicating to stakeholders and much more!

National Center for Technology Planning

Founded by Dr. Larry S. Anderson, this site offers a wealth of information for technology planning at various educational levels. There are sample needs assessments, plans, articles, and a guidebook for planning. The podcasts with Dr. Anderson can be useful in setting the stage with your technology planning committee.

Organize with Technology Planning Toolkit Charts

A series of specific planning documents you can download and use to lead your district or school through the technology planning process based upon California's Education Technology Planning Guide (although can be relevant for any district across the globe). These charts created in Microsoft Word and Excel replicate those in the Technology Planning Toolkit of the Education Technology Planning guide. Titles include: Timeline of Suggested Action Steps, School Site Inventory, Partnership Chart, Management Chart, Implementation Timeline, Sustainability Chart, Budget Form/Object of Expenditure, Budget Form, and Budget Narrative.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Minimum Tech Requirements

The Smarter Balanced Technology Strategy Framework and System Requirements Specifications provide minimum hardware specifications and basic bandwidth calculations that will allow schools and districts to evaluate which of their existing computers will support the administration of the assessment system in the 2014-15 school year that will evaluate students' mastery on the Common Core State Standards.

Technology Planning SLD Reference Area

The Schools and Libraries Universal Service Program is available to offer support to schools and libraries investing in telecommunications networks and Internet access. A requirement for E-Rate applications is that the school district or library have a detailed technology plan in place. At this site, you will find technology plan policies and procedures that are helpful whether or not you are applying for E-Rate funds.

We won the grant! Now what do we do? A WebQuest for K-12 Administrators

Do you need help revising your district's technology plan? This web site can help. Although the title suggests this WebQuest site is for grant writers, you will also find useful information for writing a school technology plan. Of particular help are the links to technology use assessment tools.
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