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Asus eeePC

Asus manufactures several UMPC models that appeal to educators. Lightweight, rugged, and inexpensive, these UMPCs are especially good for student use.


N-Computing is desktop visualization software that allows sharing of one PC between several users. The system simplifies your environment by cutting ongoing maintenance costs, reducing the infrastructure required, and reducing power costs. Keywords: desktop visualization, computer cost reduction

The District Data Analyzer: A Low-Cost, High-Impact Alternative to a Data Warehouse

This BLE Group white paper reviews the Excelsior software District Data Analyzer, a tool used to access and analyze data across district systems without a data warehouse. An alternative for small and medium sized districts to an extensive data warehouse project, the District Data Analyzer is an excellent first step for organizations that want to start using data and meet NCLB requirements. This is a sponsored white paper. (Download the PDF)
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