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Actden Software Tutorials

This site offers a variety of free online tutorials for K-12 teachers who want to use Microsoft Office programs in their classrooms with students. The site is sponsored by the Digital Education Network and Microsoft. Online courses are also available.

AdultEd Online

Are you looking for a great resource for technology planning specific to adult education? Look no further. This website developed by Sacramento County Office of Education in conjunction with the University of Michigan provides tools that assess administrator and teacher skills for technology integration and distance teaching.

American Film Institue (AFI) ScreenNation

You will find the site very helpful to help teachers and students who are starting video production. A series of short videos can be used individually or in the small group session to assist with a wide range of technology issues related to video production. The source does not specify specific brands but addresses specific issues related to film making. The site provides helpful suggestions for all elements and levels of filmmakers.


If your teachers need a curriculum resource that helps them teach their students to use the internet safely, responsibility and effectively, then you need to visit CyberSmart! This cybersafety site not only has K-12 student curriculum but also a CyberSmart! tool bar. The tool bar has drop downs such as best web sites, web 2.0 skills, curriculum resources and library resources to name a few. CyberSmart also has 5 on line professional development sessions covering topics such as twenty-first century challenges, manners, bulling and ethics and authentic learning and creativity. This website covers your needs and will help your teachers more effectively teach students how to be CyberSmart!


Want a really cool drag and drop web-authoring tool? How about online lessons already created for you? Interested in tools for distance learning? Check out eTEACH for many possibilities ranging from post-secondary lectures used for course enhancement or create your own lecture series. You can create a presentation with a dynamic table of contents that titles the major portions of the lecture and allows jumping to any portion, buttons that allow the lecture to be advanced or rewound 10 or 30 seconds, and fast forward and reverse buttons; all in an Internet Explorer window. eTEACH has a royalty-free license for non-profit educational institutions. It's an interesting tool to explore if you or one of your teachers is particularly interested in moving lectures and presentations to a web-playable format.


Filamentality is a free resource developed by Pacific Bell (now SBC) and designed to enable teachers and administrators to create various Internet-based activities using a simple fill-in-the-blanks template. The activities range from simple Hotlists, (annotated, categorized lists of Internet sites) to Webquests. I prepare Filamentality activities for adult education courses, staff development workshops, and as resources for various districts.

Google Docs

Google Docs are online applications (word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation) that allow you to share and collaborate on files in real time. You may upload existing files or create them online. Invite colleagues to view and edit the document. You can make changes simultaneously! When finished, download the document as a MS Office or pdf files or print directly from Google Docs. These are excellent tools for working on school plans, grant proposals, and other documents requiring input from multiple authors.

Introduction to Moodle

In this condensed presentation from the TICAL Conference, you will learn about Moodle, an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Moodle is popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. See how Moodle is used across a broad range of career and technical courses to develop in-depth learning content and also how Moodle is used as a support for face-to-face teaching and learning.


Jing is a free (as of 2008) online resource that captures images and video--whatever is happening on your computer screen--and publishes it for you on the Internet. If you or your students have a need to produce multimedia projects for others to watch, you'll want to take a look at Jing. The introductory video is worth watching, even though it takes a bit of time to download. (And you may want to let it fully download before you start to watch to avoid interruptions.)


A wiki is a free-form website that is easy to build and can be edited by anyone who has the site's password. It is an excellent tool for projects that require collaborative writing. Try out PBWorks for any task from updating your school plan to drafting a committee report.
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