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50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story

This wiki page created by Alan Levine provides links to more that 50 free and low-cost Web-based presentation tools for educators and students. Using a story about his dog Domino, Levine includes links to examples of how each tool works.

Administrator 2.0

The TICAL Community, Admin 2.0 is a specific and active example of a robust social networking presence to build professional development resources with the community of School Leaders. Admin 2.0 is linked to the work of TICAL (Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership). keywords: leadership, administrator, TICAL, social


If your teachers need a curriculum resource that helps them teach their students to use the internet safely, responsibility and effectively, then you need to visit CyberSmart! This cybersafety site not only has K-12 student curriculum but also a CyberSmart! tool bar. The tool bar has drop downs such as best web sites, web 2.0 skills, curriculum resources and library resources to name a few. CyberSmart also has 5 on line professional development sessions covering topics such as twenty-first century challenges, manners, bulling and ethics and authentic learning and creativity. This website covers your needs and will help your teachers more effectively teach students how to be CyberSmart!

EdTech Talk

Looking for ideas and models to develop your 21st century learning program? Listen in on EdTech Talk, a webcasting community of educators dedicated to improving technology programs at their schools. As of July 2007, topics included 21st Century Learning, Teachers Teaching Teachers, and Women of Web 2.0. You can also discuss each podcast, chat live with other educators, and subscribe to topics via an RSS feed.

Google Docs in Plain English video

Want a quick lowdown on the premise of Google Docs? Check out this short video created by the folks at Commoncraft and posted on You Tube. In just a few minutes, you'll understand and be able to explain the purpose of this application.

Google Presenter

One of the applications in the online Google Docs suite, Google Presenter allows users to upload existing PowerPoint files or create and share new presentations. An especially nice feature is the ability to invite collaborators who are able to view and edit the presentations as well. Registration is free.

Higher Education Teaching and Learning Portal

This portal contains many resources related to teaching and learning, especially higher education. There are articles, documents, presentations, videos and other resources advancing the scholarship and practices of higher education.

How to Use Google Documents Videos

While Google Docs are intuitive and many users are completely self-taught, there are features you might not see on your own. Use these free tutorials to expand your use of Google Docs beyond the most obvious basics!

I4C Internet 4 Classrooms

Send teachers to this site to find quick and easy-to-use resources, as well as good training and access to modules and units using technology. It is a handy tool for making effective use of the internet.

Introduction to Moodle

In this condensed presentation from the TICAL Conference, you will learn about Moodle, an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Moodle is popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. See how Moodle is used across a broad range of career and technical courses to develop in-depth learning content and also how Moodle is used as a support for face-to-face teaching and learning.
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