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Apps for Administrators

This wiki page lists apps reviewed during the mini-session called I Have an iPad. Now What? Apps for Administrators. This virtual session was presented on November 3, 2011 for attendees at the ACSA Conference in Sacramento, CA.

Common Core - What every administrator needs to know

What does every administrator need to know about Common Core State Standards? For its forum at the 2013 conference, ISTE’s special interest group for administrators (SIGAdmin) invited selected members to answer that question is a concise “Ignite-style” presentation. In each of these 5 to 10 minute videos an educational leader shares his or her experience and advice.

Common Core Connect

Common Core Connect is a project of Tulare County Office of Education, designed to hold an ever-growing repository of Common Core related online multimedia resources. Common Core Connect multimedia can be found using their simple search form, or via their advanced search tool, which allows you to search by standard, keyword, grade level, content area and more. Resource types include websites, video content, and document types such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

Free Technology For Teachers

Richard Byrne provides highly-effective free resources for teachers daily on his blog, Free Technology for Teachers. Richard does not just list resources, he gives teachers ideas about using the resources he lists on the blog. There is something for educator. There is a link on his blog that makes it very easy to setup a service to receive daily updates on his blog posts.

From Substitution to Redefinition: Reshaping Your Educational Program

Leading Digitally Admin 2.0 webinar, by Geoff Belleau and Randy Kolset. Learn about the forces influencing technology changes in society and schools today. Gain a better understanding of the Big Picture as well as some practical ideas to start implementing on Monday, including how to use the "SAMR" model to help guide your journey from merely substituting technology in the existing classroom to redefining your entire program.

Intel Teach Program Worldwide

Overview The Intel Teach Program Worldwide provides support for K-12 instructional leaders who plan and implement technology integration and professional development in their schools. This free four-hour forum provides face-to-face, hands-on professional development focusing on the importance of leadership for effective technology integration for improved teaching and learning.

Quick Take: TPACK Framework for Technology-Supported Instruction

In this Quick Take, Susan Brooks-Young answers the questions: “What is the TPACK framework?,” “Why use TPACK when planning instructional activities?” and, “Where can I learn more?”

Quick Takes: Content Curation Using LiveBinders

The Internet offers a boundless supply of digital resources, but what to do with links once found so they can easily be accessed later? This Quick Take focuses on a simple tool that educators can use to make digital resource management easy to do. Three questions are addressed during this 6-minute presentation: “What is a content curation?,” “Why use LiveBinders?” and, “Where can I learn more?”


ReadWriteThink provides educators and students with access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction through free, Internet-based content. Established in 2002, it is a partnership between the International Reading Association (BRA) and the National Council of Teachers of English (NOTE) with additional support from the Verizon Foundation. Resources include lessons related to the standards for both associations. Web resources and highly creative, interactive student materials are offered as well.

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms - Sir Ken

This is not only an excellent visionary and insightful 11 minute talk by Sir Ken Robinson on the educational climate and political arena, but it also demonstrates the power of step-animation in illustrating a point and accompanying audio. RSA Animate has taken this talk and animated it to help the listener to better understand the content. An excellent use of your eleven minutes of time.
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