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AdultEd Online

Are you looking for a great resource for technology planning specific to adult education? Look no further. This website developed by Sacramento County Office of Education in conjunction with the University of Michigan provides tools that assess administrator and teacher skills for technology integration and distance teaching.


AIMSweb® is a scientifically based, formative assessment system that 'informs' the teaching and learning process by providing continuous student performance data and reporting improvement to parents, teachers, and administrators to enable evidence-based evaluation and data-driven instruction. The AIMSWeb software allows a teacher or school administrator to monitor the progress of students on an on-going basis, taking into consideration both the content of the learning and the rate of the learning. Both of those factors are essential to making a determination of eligibility for special education services under the RtI model. The system includes a detailed set of curriculum based goals that are sequenced to show exactly where a student is in the curriculum. The input and report systems are well designed and easy to use.

American Film Institue (AFI) ScreenNation

You will find the site very helpful to help teachers and students who are starting video production. A series of short videos can be used individually or in the small group session to assist with a wide range of technology issues related to video production. The source does not specify specific brands but addresses specific issues related to film making. The site provides helpful suggestions for all elements and levels of filmmakers.


Filamentality is a free resource developed by Pacific Bell (now SBC) and designed to enable teachers and administrators to create various Internet-based activities using a simple fill-in-the-blanks template. The activities range from simple Hotlists, (annotated, categorized lists of Internet sites) to Webquests. I prepare Filamentality activities for adult education courses, staff development workshops, and as resources for various districts.

PALS Progressive Academic Learning Systems

The Pals-Program is an extensive Educational Program, with 168 content programs 44,000 tasks and thousands of animated reinforcers and several thousand mini cartoons. This software is especially effective for individuals with autism and other learning disabilities. It incorporates behavioral learning steps that allows all children to learn, regardless of ability. The PALS-program was originally designed for children with autism but bright young children love and excel on the program as well. The Pals-Program offers a great solution to all of your early academic and academic special education needs. PALS was designed for students who are easily distracted (because they are young) or have learning and/or developmental disabilities ranging from mild to severe. This program covers cause and effect, waiting your turn, vocabulary training, categorization, plurals, prepositions, syntax, patterns, auditory processing, concept development, and reading. There are also many lessons teaching time, money calendar and additional educational concepts.

Quick Take: Real Simple Syndication (RSS)

This 7-minute Quick Take by Derry Lyons provides a brief overview of a Web 2.0 tool known as RSS. Derry explains what RSS is and how you can use it.

Quick Take: Social Networks

This 4-minute Quick Take was created by Susan Brooks-Young. It explores the social networking phenomenon. Susan provides some common social networks including Ning, Flickr, and TeacherTube.

Quick Take: Blogs

This 4-minute Quick Take was created by Susan Brooks-Young. Susan gives an overview of a blog and how they are used. She provides other resources to assist you in developing a classroom, school, or special project blog.

Quick Take: Web 2.0

This 4-minute Quick Take was created by Susan Brooks-Young. It provides an overview of various Web 2.0 tools that help users participate and interact on the Web.

Quick Take: Wikis

This 4-minute Quick Take was created by Susan Brooks-Young. It provides an overview of how wikis are used to edit live content on the Internet. Susan provides examples and resources.
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