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Benefits of Gaming: What Research Shows By Jordan Shapiro (June 2014)

Research overview on the benefits of games and gaming in education

7 Things You Should Know About...

The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative's (ELI's) 7 Things You Should Know About... series provides concise information on emerging learning technologies and related practices. provide quick, no-jargon overviews of emerging technologies and related practices that have demonstrated or may demonstrate positive learning impacts. Any time you need to explain a new learning technology or practice quickly and clearly, look for a 7 Things You Should Know About... brief from ELI. Use these briefs on enhance professional development and create dialogue on emerging technology.

A Research Definition of Bullying

Dan Olweus, a researcher from Norway and reknowned expert in the field of bullying offers a clear definition of what does, and does not, constitute bullying. The four criteria included in his definition are very helpful to educators who are trying to determine when bullying is taking place.

Adapting to the Schoolhouse What Business Already Knows About The Millennials

What have youth marketers learned that can help educators reach youth effectively? Plenty! With particular focus on "tweens"--kids in the early middle school years when marketers believe lifelong attitudes toward brands form--this short, easy-to-read article discusses marketing approaches and how such approaches might be appropriated by educators to increase the chances of reaching educational goals.

Advances in Social Emotional Learning and Its Application in Policy and Practice in K-12 Education

A brief on research related to SEL and its impact in education.


Would you like a daily briefing of the educational news brought to you through e-mail. ASCD SmartBrief takes you straight to the most salient news and trends affecting education today. This is a free service that will help you break through the information overload and provide quick, easy-to-read summaries of top news in areas important to today's administrators.

Baby Boomer Superintendents - Their Leadership and Support of Millennial Principals

In "Baby Boomer Superintendents, Their Leadership And Support of Millennial Principals," Jay Greenlinger shares what he learned in his doctoral research on this topic at a presentation for the School Leadership Summit. As he puts it, "As superintendents get older, principals are getting younger, and the generational differences are leading to new leadership challenges.

Based on a Review of Relevant Research

Looking for a quick path to relevant research on technology and education? Here is a shortlist of excellent research summaries. You'll find this very helpful in updating or creating a technology plan to meet requirements of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation or applying for grants (e.g. EETT).

Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials: Understanding the New Students

Need to get a quick idea of the contrasting learning styles among Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and the Millennials? Check out this nicely written article by Diana Oblinger.

Coaching, Educational Technology

A Pinterest Mash up of Coaching Educational Technology in K-12 settings. It provides an avenue to pursue for the novice to the advanced technology teacher, director, coach or superintendent. Outstanding resource for tech teaching, learning, integration.
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