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Agular Systems

Agular Systems sells simple and affordable document workflow software and services. This company helps school districts make the transition to becoming paperless. Because it is web-based, users may access the information from any Internet-connected computer.

Edupoint Educational Systems

Edupoint provides online student information systems including special education administration software. As of 2008, Kyrene School District was using the company's attendance module.

Facility Management

Here is a product showcase, a virtual vendor conference of institutional facility products and services, from automatic door openers to ice melting to stopping false fire alarms. Products are from various vendors. This site’s home page is intended to serve facility managers and the building team by providing content on various facility management topics.

Web Work Computerized Maintenance Management System

Web Work Azzier is a web-based maintenance request system that can either be hosted on the vendor's servers or on your own. Web Work Azzier contains tools for daily operations, equipment life-cycle management, asset maintenance, and project management, among others.

Windsor Management Group - InfiniteVisions

Human resources represent the biggest part of a school district budget, so managing those resources effectively is critical. The Windsor Group is a vendor that markets online solutions to managing data and transactions from timecards to employee evaluations. Products from this vendor were seen in use during a 2008 site visit to Kyrene (AZ) school district. Technology such as this can save time and eliminate processing errors.
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