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Building Robust Infrastructure as a Tool for Equity

This article from the USDOE's Office of Ed Tech expands the definition of robust infrastructure. Instead of being about wires, hardware, and connectivity, this article argues that robust infrastructure also "provides state-of-the-art digital learning resources, encourages responsible citizenship, and protects student data and privacy." A great discussion starter.

Cyber Safety for Children

The Department of Consumer Affairs and the California Coalition for Childrenís Internet Safety have partnered to bring this web site to California Citizens, especially parents. The nature of this web site is dynamic and offers ongoing information. The Coalition also sponsors an annual summit on cyber safety. This site is California friendly! It is also supported by the Governorís office.

Empowering Learning: A Blueprint for California Education Technology

This Blueprint for California Education Technology is a call to action for educators, community leaders, and businesses to work together to find solutions to the challenges we face. This is a guide to help leaders in CA determine direction for technology in their educational programs.

eSchoolNews Online

This is the online version of eSchoolNews, a publication that is most helpful for administrators interested in all facets of instructional technology. There are discussion forums, article abstracts, information about grants and funding and much more. You might especially like the email you may receive from the site each week. You can skim through the newsletter, look for topics that interest you, and then visit the site for further information.

How Schools Can Use Facebook to Build an Online Community

Many schools have set-up a Facebook Page to represent the school and embrace an online professional learning community (PLC). By setting up a Facebook Page, schools can establish a controlled, professional presence that allows them to capitalize on this social space in many important ways, while still protecting their students. Itís important to note that while a Facebook Page is an excellent opportunity for schools to supplement their web presence, it doesnít fully replace the benefits of a robust website. Here are some ways that schools can benefit from establishing an effective Facebook presence.

Is your district ready to respond to potential emergency situations? Here is a site that is regularly updated with resources to help. It is designed to be a one-stop shop that provides school leaders with information they need to plan for any emergency, including natural disasters, violent incidents and terrorist acts.

School CIO - Strategies for K-12 Technology Leaders

Even if you're not a Chief Information Officer, from time to time you may need to look deeper into some technology issue. The editors of Technology and Learning produce this online publication that provides ideas, strategies and resources on a wide range of technical and policy issues.

School Planning and Management Magazine

This publication highlights educational issues related to planning and building schools and school facilities. Information on architects, photo spreads on current projects, and articles on issues related to school facilities are featured.

Social Media Toolkit

A great selection of tools and resources from the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA), its legal partners, and others to help you navigate the uses and potential pitfalls of social media in your school site or district. Cyber Safety Web Site

This internet site is a great tool for educators and students to learn about cyber safety. A concern that parents and educators have is how to keep kids safe online. With today's social networking websites, students have the ability to communicate with their friends, but they can also meet people who will try to exploit them, commit fraud and steal individual identity. This website will help you to set good safety habits for your students.
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