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The development of interactive maps that "tell a story" just got very simple. Simply do a query such as free and reduced students, export that data into a program like, and you will have a map with where all those students live. Our district has used this for free and reduced, suspensions, attendance boundaries, bus stops and board member areas. Very simple and fast.


Looking for the best prices on technology? CalSave negotiates with vendors to create opportunities for California K-12 public schools and districts to participate in discount buying and licensing of educational technology instructional resources.

New Programs Funding Calculator

2006-2007 was a great year for funding special projects, that is if you know the strings attached, how the funds are calculated and if you qualify. How does an administrator figure out what monies are available this year for technology projects? Here is a great resource created by our friends in the Arvin Union School District, Bakersfield, CA. Calculations, explanations and more can be found on this user friendly spreadsheet. Impress you business department with the amount of knowledge gained from this resource. Knowledge is power. Post 2006-2007, use this as a template for creating your own customized version with current year data.

School Supply Request Form

Do you still have teachers submitting requests for supplies or room scheduling through email or paper forms? How are you keeping track of teachers’ usage? This Google Form template is a simple form to send to your staff in which they can enter equipment, supplies such as paper, markers, paper clips, pencils, projector bulbs, cables, etc. and quantities they need. You can then have support staff review the list and send supplies down immediately. You can then keep track on teacher usuage all on one spreadsheet. Also included are room requests so you can work with staff to schedule rooms such multipurpose rooms, library, and more!
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