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101 Best Web Sites for Principals

Written by TICAL's own Susan Brooks-Young, 101 Best Web Sites for Principals includes sections on facilities, finance, curriculum, professional development, and social and legal issues. New in the second edition are: quick reference charts for efficient Web site navigation, detailed site descriptions and highlights, and a new primer on security issues.

Awesome Library for Principals

This site contains practical information for school principals. The Awesome Library provides only resources that have been reviewed and found to be of high quality for its users.

E-rate Information

Here's the official California E-rate page!


EdSource provides policy makers, researchers, K-12 and college educators, the media, parents, and the general public with important foundation information about assessment, accountability, finance, standards, and other areas where school administrators need to stay current. The organization is non-profit and does not advocate or lobby.

Education Department General Administrative Regulations - EDGAR

The Education Department General Administrative Regulations, known to school administrators and project managers as EDGAR, are the key rules that govern how federal grant monies may be expended. The publication can be ordered as a book, but this online version is very handy and easier to search. You may want to it to your hard drive so it will be available when you're off line.

Free Digital Textbook Initiative

The California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) reviewed several digital textbooks to determine which content standards were met in each textbook. This page provides links to each publisher's textbook and the number of standards that were met. You can also access the entire Free Digital Textbook Initiative Report published in August of 2009.

Get ed tech right without blowing your budget

Although written for school leaders in the UK, the advice offered holds true for educators anywhere who are grappling with funding ed tech initiatives.

School Districts Slow to Switch to Online Purchasers

This article by Mark Walsh examines why school districts have not jumped on the online purchasing bandwagon and offers links to several sites that specifically target school districts as customers. It also discusses the benefits of online purchasing as well as potential drawbacks.

School Library Tech Budgets Rise | SLJ 2017 Technology Survey

This article looks at ways school librarians can leverage their technology budgets to integrate cutting-edge technology into student learning experiences.

Technology for Fiscal Management

This article provides an overview of software that may be used for fiscal management.
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