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Awesome Library for Principals

This site contains practical information for school principals. The Awesome Library provides only resources that have been reviewed and found to be of high quality for its users.

School Supply Request Form

Do you still have teachers submitting requests for supplies or room scheduling through email or paper forms? How are you keeping track of teachers’ usage? This Google Form template is a simple form to send to your staff in which they can enter equipment, supplies such as paper, markers, paper clips, pencils, projector bulbs, cables, etc. and quantities they need. You can then have support staff review the list and send supplies down immediately. You can then keep track on teacher usuage all on one spreadsheet. Also included are room requests so you can work with staff to schedule rooms such multipurpose rooms, library, and more!

The Minnetonka Story: Using Technology to Personalize Education

TICAL cadre members Bob Blackney (CA) and Marianne Hauser (AR) had the opportunity to visit the Minnetonka Public Schools in Minnesota in May 2007 to see how the district secured $45 million in technology funding and is using it to personalize education through technology integration. Bob and Marianne share what they observed and learned in these two quick-paced, narrated presentations.
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