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Common Core Standards Plus

If you want to translate improvement plans into concrete actions that sustain continuous academic growth, Common Core Standards Plus has a product that will assist classroom teachers in reinforcing core curriculum to close the achievement gap for all students.

This is an online database/form builder that can be used to create online surveys, to collect data from staff, community members, and parents, and can be used to share information within your school or district online community. Free accounts are available as are low cost accounts that offer an array of features.

Media-X Systems

Media-X offers you a variety of reasonably priced products and dynamic workshops for both teachers and administrators. Mval professional is software designed for completing teacher performance appraisals. The E-principal will help you analyze school problems, create graphs and charts, track behavior and input/compare test results. Your teachers can explore the E-teacher. It allows them to plan units and assess using rubrics. It allows them to track data by category and by strand for a specific student. The E-standards allow you to browse certain state standards (e.g. CA, TX, and FL). You can mark selected standards that have been covered in the classroom. These software packages are available for your PDAs.

Scholastic Reading Inventory Enterprise Edition (SRI)

Help K-12 teachers use accurate data on reading achievement to modify instruction and match students to text difficulty. The software package allows a teacher to assess an entire class in a lab setting in about fifteen minutes. Data is user friendly and is reported in terms of California Standards, national percentiles and "lexile" levels and also shows growth over time. Software runs on network or stand alone. This product seems to be very well researched.


An audience or student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Software for K-12 Education-- SAS

SAS claims to provide a "powerful and interrelated suite of solutions and services, including curriculum resources, schooling-effectiveness technologies and administrative solutions." The company's "business intelligence" products address a range of information and decision-making needs from asset management to data warehousing, analysis, and synthesis. Poway Unified School District near San Diego, California, is one district that has chosen SAS as a solution provider.

The Extractor

The Extractor, a software application developed by Data Driven Classroom, allows the user to instantly open data disks in an Excel spreadsheet format and analyze performance data. The Extractor is designed for use with both STAR and CELDT data. Users simply choose the fields they want downloaded and follow the easy how-to guide to complete the process. By using The Extractor, what once was a jumble of numbers and codes can be viewed in an easy-to-read and easy-to-sort Excel spreadsheet on the same day the disks are received. As of July 2008, The Extractor was free for K-12 schools in California, but due to ongoing development and support this is now a fee-based application.

Using Classroom Data to Improve Student Achievement

If you are a principal try to use data-driven decision making to improve student achievement, then this website has a lot of information for you. In his Using Classroom Data to Improve Student Achievement institute, Dr. Dennis Fox teaches principals and teachers simple, step-by-step, easy to use strategies that apply to all grade levels, subject areas, and scoring systems. These strategies help principals help classroom teachers better organize classroom data.
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