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California Dropout Research Project

The purpose of this project is to synthesize existing research and undertake new research to inform policymakers and the larger public about the nature of and potential solutions to the dropout problem in California. From December 1, 2006 to January 31, 2008 the project will produce a series of reports and policy briefs addressing four facets of the issue: (1) the measurement and incidence of dropping out; (2) the educational, social, and economic costs of dropouts for individuals and the state; (3) the short-term and long-term causes of dropping out; and (4) proven interventions. Drawing on this information, a policy committee composed of researchers, policymakers, and educators will then draft a state policy agenda to improve California's high school graduation rate.

Electronic Learning Assessment Resources (ELAR)

Looking for a product to help you make a data-driven decision? There are many products on the market to help districts utilize student assessment data in sound decision making. Which one will help a district become an effective data-driven organization? California's CLRN project is charged with reviewing such products against a set of criteria that TICAL cadre members helped to develop. In this area of the CLRN website you’ll find the reviews as well as the criteria which you may want to use as you shop for your own ELAR.

Empowering Learning: A Blueprint for California Education Technology

This Blueprint for California Education Technology is a call to action for educators, community leaders, and businesses to work together to find solutions to the challenges we face. This is a guide to help leaders in CA determine direction for technology in their educational programs.

NCES K-12 Practicioners' Circle

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary federal agency for collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in the United States and other nations. The K-12 Practitioners' Circle highlights reports and resources of particular use to educators working in schools. There's even a special part of the site customized for administrators!
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