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California Dropout Research Project

The purpose of this project is to synthesize existing research and undertake new research to inform policymakers and the larger public about the nature of and potential solutions to the dropout problem in California. From December 1, 2006 to January 31, 2008 the project will produce a series of reports and policy briefs addressing four facets of the issue: (1) the measurement and incidence of dropping out; (2) the educational, social, and economic costs of dropouts for individuals and the state; (3) the short-term and long-term causes of dropping out; and (4) proven interventions. Drawing on this information, a policy committee composed of researchers, policymakers, and educators will then draft a state policy agenda to improve California's high school graduation rate.

California School Information Services - CSIS

Wondering when and how you'll be able to transfer students' records and other information among and between schools and complete your state reporting requirements--all electronically? Visit the California School Information Services (CSIS) site for current updates.

Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE)

While we might take exception to its billing as "the nation's only center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators," CASTLE does offer many technology leadership resources that complement our own here at TICAL. It is the brainchild of Dr. Scott McLeod.

Data Teams

In this Radio TICAL episode, San Jose Unified School District managers Bill Erlendson and Marcy Lauck share a new way to facilitate data-driven decision making.

Data Visualization in Panama-Buena Vista!

Great video and white paper describing Kevin Silberberg's Data Dashboard using data to start conversations and make decisions.

EdTechProfile's Radio TICAL Interview

EdTechProfile is one of the statewide educational technology services (SETS) funded by the California Department of Education and provided free of charge to California public schools. In this episode, Steve Kay talks with Brian Dunsmore, EdTechProfile’s director, about ways you can use EdTechProfile in your technology planning process.

Education Data Partnership (Ed-Data)

This site offers a vast amount of data on California public schools such as enrollments, pupil-teacher ratios, explanations of STAR and API, options to compare schools, and per pupil expenditures as well as important topics in public education. See Portical's Briefcase section for a Tip Sheet on how to use this site!

NORMES - The National Office for Research, Measurement and Evaluation Systems

The goal of the National Office for Research, Measurement and Evaluation Systems (NORMES) web site is to provide a readily accessible source for reliable educational achievement data in Arkansas. Subsections include data on achievement gaps among subgroups of students within districts and across the state. If you are an Arkansas school leader, you'll want to be familiar with this site and be able to interpret it to parents and the community.

Project Tomorrow

Project Tomorrow is a national education nonprofit group that focuses on 21st century education. They prepare students to become innovators, leaders and engaged citizens of the world. Project tomorrow Conducts national research projects such as Speak Up, facilitates the replication of model projects in schools and communities, provides online tools and resources for students, teachers and parents, and contributes to the national and regional dialogue about educational issues.

Using Technology to Make Sense of Data

Using scores from a district-wide writing assessment as an example, Dan Ryder explains how to use a simple database and spreadsheet to manage and analyze student assessment data.
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