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Amplify is a company that specializes in mobile technology for teachers. Their mobile classroom assessment (mclass) software product allows teachers to assess and track student progress in an authentic setting using a handheld device. Teachers are then able to upload the data on their computers for monitoring and analysis on an ongoing basis. The product allows teachers to conduct assessments as part of their daily instructional process.

Common Core Standards Plus

If you want to translate improvement plans into concrete actions that sustain continuous academic growth, Common Core Standards Plus has a product that will assist classroom teachers in reinforcing core curriculum to close the achievement gap for all students.

Educational Testing Service

Educational Testing Service (ETS) is a well-known educational measurement institution and a leader in educational research. ETS is a private, non-profit company, dedicated to serving the needs of individuals, educational institutions and agencies, and governmental bodies in 181 countries.

The website offers test data for individual schools to enable them to use data to drive their teaching and decision-making process. As of April 2003, all clients are from California so an analysis for use by other states is not presently available. Prospective schools outside of California may want to contact the company for further information on different state standards and testing instruments.


eScholar bills itself as the complete data warehouse solution for K-12 education. Their stated mission is to make meaningful information available to all the people who are involved in the education of our children. This includes everyone from school administrators and leaders to teachers, parents and even students themselves. The founders of eScholar LLC are the same people who launched the widespread use of data warehousing and data mining in industry in the mid 1980's.


Exemplars offers classroom-tested standards-based assessment materials in Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Research, and Professional Development.

Follett Software Company

Follett Software provides software solutions for data, curriculum, and assessment management to assist schools in reaching and sustaining high performance. They offer a variety of services from project management to professional development. Tetra Data has several different products in use in Kyrene (AZ) School District. The Analytical Warehouse stores data from multiple sources K-12. Teacher access includes reports on professional development courses completed, money expended in their classroom, and test scores of their students. Dan Neville, Assistant Technology Director in Kyrene School District, shares how his Arizona district uses the company in the Radio TICAL episode, "Managing Assets and Data."


Handheld computers can do more than store dates and contacts. Using HanDBase, you can design your own database to track your students, staff and campus. Many programs have been designed for school administration using this program.

Media-X Systems

Media-X offers you a variety of reasonably priced products and dynamic workshops for both teachers and administrators. Mval professional is software designed for completing teacher performance appraisals. The E-principal will help you analyze school problems, create graphs and charts, track behavior and input/compare test results. Your teachers can explore the E-teacher. It allows them to plan units and assess using rubrics. It allows them to track data by category and by strand for a specific student. The E-standards allow you to browse certain state standards (e.g. CA, TX, and FL). You can mark selected standards that have been covered in the classroom. These software packages are available for your PDAs.

OARS Assessment System

The Online Assessment Reporting System (OARS) makes the task of analyzing assessment data and student demographic information easy. OARS allows you to capture district benchmark assessment results in a simple web interface, and analyze the results for any subgroup. Add state testing results (like the CST and CAT-6 in California) and English Language Development (ELD) information to facilitate user-friendly analysis of multiple measures.
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