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AdultEd Online

Are you looking for a great resource for technology planning specific to adult education? Look no further. This website developed by Sacramento County Office of Education in conjunction with the University of Michigan provides tools that assess administrator and teacher skills for technology integration and distance teaching.

Common Core Standards Plus

If you want to translate improvement plans into concrete actions that sustain continuous academic growth, Common Core Standards Plus has a product that will assist classroom teachers in reinforcing core curriculum to close the achievement gap for all students.


Do your teachers have trouble bringing technology into daily classroom learning? Introduce them to EasyTech. EasyTech includes a K-8 technology curriculum consisting of online lessons and integration activities with an easy-to-use management system that allows for accountability and assessment. Ongoing support and training are also provided to ensure successful implementation. This innovative curriculum allows administrators to solve the problem of curriculum integration, improve both accountability and student assessment and also build stronger learning communities.


A subscription-based service, netTrekker provides access to more than 180,000 high quality, pre-screened, and educationally relevant K-12 online resources that align with each state's academic standards and benchmarks.

Orchard Reading and Math Software

Orchard language arts and math software is expensive, but gives the principal real assistance in making sure quality instruction is being given to students. It provides a solid skills based program with state specific assessment and accountability that is easy for teachers to use. Pre-tests lead to appropriate assignments to teach skills tied to the standards. Post tests measure educational gains. The management system makes it easy for teachers and principal to monitor progress. Extensive reports including those for parents make reporting easy. The web site also lists grants to help fund this program and explains how it meets the No Child Left Behind requirements.

This site is designed to provide the latest information on online plagiarism and help maintain academic integrity in our schools. With Research Resources, teachers have access to suggestions for integrating plagiarism education into lesson plans, tips for creating assignments that discourage plagiarism and encourage original thinking, and help with identifying different types of plagiarism, in particular plagiarism from the Internet.

Read Naturally

If you are looking for a piece of software that promotes oral fluency in reading this might be for you. The software is organized by readability levels and is most appropriate for beginning readers. Publisher presents research to support effectiveness.

Sokikom is an online program that uses positive reinforcement, social learning, and personalization to help solve the problems of differentiation and student engagement. Sign up is free, but various services are fee-based.

Study Island

Study Island is a web-based system that helps students master content on the CST and CAHSEE exams. Students move through the program step-by-step, with each section having a pre- and post-test. Topics also cover each of the CAHSEE Blueprints and California Content Standards. Students in our district seem to be very interested in and motivated by this program.

Task Stream, The Tools of Engagement

Task Stream is a relatively low cost, subscription format, web based tool for designing, documenting and managing institution-level accountability goals and processes.
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