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A Nation of Opportunity: Building America's 21st Century Workforce

Find effective strategies to build 21st century skills and how education relates to that goal in this report from the 21st Century Workforce Commission. The Commission was appointed by Congress to recommend the best ways to prepare citizens for the information technology work of the future.

Council of the Great City Schools

The Council of the Great City Schools is an organization of the nation's largest urban public school systems which advocates to improve K-12 education in inner-city schools. The council is governed by superintendents and board of education members from 58 cities across the country.

Creating and Connecting: Research and Guidelines on Online Social and Educational Networking

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) put together this 12-page study discussing social networks. NSBA highlights the positives, the gaps, the expectations and interests, and the guidance and recommendations for school board members relating to social networking.

Dual enrollment programs attracting more students in California high schools

This article gives a nice summary of dual enrollment and examples in operation. It includes links to relevant legislation and research.

Education 3.0 - Buzzword, fad, or salvation?

Michael Simkins presented this session on Education 3.0 at the TICAL 2011 conference in Little Rock, AR and again, in a "new and improved" version at ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia. Included was a guided tour through concepts about the future of learning as well as some current examples such as Khan Academy and the School of One. This link will take you to the slides as well as all the programs and people Michael referenced.

Education Tech News

Education Tech News is a technology weekly online magazine that provides updated information about the use of technology including Legal news, Tech Trends, Free Speech, Security and Internet. Timely articles each week of specific examples of problems and solutions navigating social media sites and the use of social media in the schools.

Educational Policy Analysis Archives - EPAA

Looking for easily available research articles? Educational Policy Analysis Archives (EPAA) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal freely accessible on the internet. It is published by the Education Policy Studies Laboratory, College of Education, Arizona State University. A quick search on technology and achievement yielded 146 articles, including Technology Refusal and the Organizational Culture of Schools and Actual Schools, Possible Practices: New Directions In Professional Development.

Empowering Learning: A Blueprint for California Education Technology

This Blueprint for California Education Technology is a call to action for educators, community leaders, and businesses to work together to find solutions to the challenges we face. This is a guide to help leaders in CA determine direction for technology in their educational programs.

eSchoolNews Online

This is the online version of eSchoolNews, a publication that is most helpful for administrators interested in all facets of instructional technology. There are discussion forums, article abstracts, information about grants and funding and much more. You might especially like the email you may receive from the site each week. You can skim through the newsletter, look for topics that interest you, and then visit the site for further information.

Family Center on Technology and Disability

The Family Center on Technology and Disability is an excellent resource for administrators responsible for ensuring accessibility to the technologies involved in K-12 education. The site offers a range of information and services on the subject of assistive technology (AT). The site is particularly user friendly and has a great search engine, as well as many different articles and embedded links that target special needs populations, from the disadvantaged to the learning handicapped.
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