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100 useful search tools

This is a list of 100 different tools to search the Internet. Search tools to search listserves, images, blogs, and all types of media and resources.

Arkansas Learning Management System - ALMS

The Arkansas Learning Management System (ALMS) provides teachers with a platform to easily manage and deliver elearning, create and deliver online assessments, and automate the grading of essays through a system of online peer-review. The main purpose of the system is to provide the means by which teachers and students can share things they create for their system with other schools, and there is an electronic repository on the main website to facilitate this sharing. The system is free for any school, public or private, to use.

Cyber High

Interested in distance learning or independent study options? Cyber High is a comprehensive electronic high school that is available to any student with Internet access. The Cyber High curriculum claims to be aligned with the Content Standards and Frameworks of California. As of 2008, all courses are accredited through the Fresno Unified School District of which Roosevelt High School in Fresno, California, is the sponsoring entity. Many courses meet the College Prep A-G requirements for the University of California system.


If your teachers need a curriculum resource that helps them teach their students to use the internet safely, responsibility and effectively, then you need to visit CyberSmart! This cybersafety site not only has K-12 student curriculum but also a CyberSmart! tool bar. The tool bar has drop downs such as best web sites, web 2.0 skills, curriculum resources and library resources to name a few. CyberSmart also has 5 on line professional development sessions covering topics such as twenty-first century challenges, manners, bulling and ethics and authentic learning and creativity. This website covers your needs and will help your teachers more effectively teach students how to be CyberSmart!

Digital Chalkboard

Digital Chalkboard is an online community of California public school and district educators. California educators collaborate through group participation and discussions, upload educational classroom and administrative resources that help other educators access what works best in California schools and districts. As of the summer of 2014, over 70,000 educational resources have been contributed to the resource libraries. Both featured content providers from select non-profit organizations and approximately 19,000 California educators continue to contribute resources and collaborate. With the launch of the new site, over 300,000 additional digital resources have been added through a link to the national Learning Registry. California districts interested in the Future Ready Schools effort will want to be aware of this important resource.

Ditch That Textbook

Ditch That Textbook is a web site filled with links and online resources for teachers and instructional leaders to provide content and experiences for students, using the latest and emerging technologies. Includes strategies for locating online experiences, connecting with speakers, using Skype, Google Hangouts and other technologies to provide rich content for students without using a textbook.

eSchool News TV (EsnTV)

Check out short videos related to anything educational. From student videos to online lectures and from professional development tips to product how-to's these videos are housed in one place so you are able to find everything.


eThemes is an extensive database of content-rich, age-appropriate resources organized around specific themes. These resources are created for educators to use in their classrooms. Administrators (K-12) will immediately find teacher-friendly websites to support over 900 instructional themes (searchable by subject, title and grade level.) Safe enough to be included in webquests. Alignment with Missouri Standards is included. eThemes is a service of the eMINTS National Center. eThemes resources are created and maintained by University of Missouri-Columbia College of Education staff and graduate students from the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies to support high quality teaching powered by technology.

European Schoolnet;jsessionid=5BF73052857308FF92EAB83C82C1D432

Interested in how other countries are using the Internet in education? European Schoolnet is an international partnership of more than 20 European Ministries of Education. You can find many portals that will allow you to find resources, news, practice examples and collaboration opportunities. Many projects are listed for your explorations also.

Google Apps at Bryant School District

Google Apps provides many productivity and management tools including Mail, Calendar, Docs, and more. In this condensed presentation from the TICAL Conference, you will see how Bryant School District in Arkansas has implemented Google Apps, a free service provided by Google for free tools and applications administered by your school or district. Two administrators from Bryant share some of the effective Google Apps being used in Bryant.
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